Turning a good school into an outstanding school

India-UAE partnership summit 2018 at Atlantis -The Palm , Dubai.

It is very usual that 3 weeks prior school inspection the entire school is stressed. In fact this must not be the scenario. We must never have the fear of being inspected and rated. The focus must be constantly on process and not outcome. When process is streamlined, then outcome will naturally be good. There must be complete collaboration for improvement between governors, leaders, teachers, parents, staff, students, KHDA and DSIB.

To transform a school from good to an outstanding platform, the process is a top-down approach. School governance requires good leadership which is based on the philosophy of transparency, truth, love, collaboration, cooperation and not competition. Role of accountability is minimized due to transparency as you are accountable 24/7. A school that fosters a climate of openness with no hidden agendas definitely has much scope for improvement by gaining trust of its stakeholders leading to an environment of cooperation and collaboration. Let teachers be empowered to constantly evolve creative teaching methods to gain students interest and attention. When teachers and students enjoy what they are doing, an atmosphere of love, happiness, and peace lingers.

School Management must embrace innovation and change. Today the young generation are tech-savvy, privileged enough to have early access to technology, availing sufficient information on just finger click. To create the best learning environment the schools must blend learning with technology. Children will learn what they want to learn. It is essential that the school facilitators ensure the learning process is interesting and enjoyable. Then only would students love attending classes. Teachers must enable students to learn on their own, mentor , and facilitate them with right inputs and technology on a timely basis. The Arcadia Preparatory school is certified as an apple distinguished school, with ISO 9000, recording what is implemented and doing what is recorded, leading to certified innovations.

I conclude with a Sanskrit Verse

“Sa ha navavatu

Sa ha nav bhunkatu

Sa ha viryam karavanahai


Ma vidvishavahai

Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi”

Together we excel, together we grow, together we put potent energy for creation without any unhealthy competition and animosity.

Let us bring only peace, peace and peace.

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