Zabeel School Speech

Speech by Mohan Valrani at the Zabeel Public School celebrating the partnership between the Zabeel Public School and the Indian High School. The speech was attended by Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of KHDA, Ms. Fatima Al Marri, CEO of Dubai School Agency and Ms. Faiza Abdul Kareem, Principal of the Zabeel Public School

Today is an important day for Zabeel Public School & Indian High School. It is an alliance between a foreign school and a local school, it is a partnership between two non-profit sharing schools.

In this age of Internet, most of the schools are still educating in the same way dated 100 years back. Every school must follow a bimodal. Face to face learning is a must. You can only inspire, connect, develop and motivate people are physically together. Basically, you have to embed technology into learning. But, technology or face to face learning is effective, if you have students who are willing to learn. So, it is very important that you motivate students and have to make sure that the teachers are also motivated. Teachers training & re-training is very important. Teaching profession is a noble profession and so teachers have to be taken good care of and deserve all the respect in the society. Teachers make a difference in the lives of the students. At the end of the day it is the teacher who makes the difference! We hope all the schools will follow our model which is very efficient and cost effective. With the revolution, world is becoming a village and the village needs a common language. Whether we like it or not, now it is going to be English! I am sure this alliance will go a long way and we except Zabeel Public School to enter into alliance with other schools also and share the knowledge and information they have or what they are going to acquire. I would also like to thank Zabeel Public School for providing us all the support to upgrade our standards in Arabic. All this alliance and partnership with Zabeel Public School & Indian High School would not be possible without the co-operation of KHDA and I would like to thank KHDA for doing an excellent job for promoting education in Dubai. Thank you very much

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