Mama's boys: the mother - son relationship

I have been fortunate enough to witness what is arguably one of the strongest emotions known to mankind: the love between a mother and a son. I am aware that not everyone reading this blog would have had first hand experience in this but most should have at least had the chance to witness this emotion at some point in their lives.

What has prompted me to write this is that I have had the good fortune of seeing the strength of this bond through two experiences : once as a son to my loving mother and the second as a husband to the mother of my sons, my wife. And I can tell you from my experience that this relationship is just so special because it is so strong but also because it so humble. Let me explain.

A son, like a daughter, is an integral part of a mother's heart. She carries her child for 9 months, nurses him and then showers her unconditional love in his upbringing. But as the teenage years approach, the son usually begins to chart his own path. He begins to attempt to emotionally disconnect himself from his mother as his friends take priority. He begins to value privacy as he approaches adulthood, thinking that for some reason it signifies maturity. As the son leaves for college or goes abroad for work, he takes with him a part of his mother's heart. And through all these phases, a mother stands by her son, caring about his daily routine, worrying about whether he is well fed, worrying about every challenge and waiting for even an ounce of attention from him to make her world. But what is even more startling is that regardless of whether that attention comes or not, a mother's love towards her son never lessens, it only grows with time. And this truly is one of the most magical situations of our time.

I am told fathers and daughters share a special bond and I am sure they do. I however do not have much experience in this area, having no sisters or daughters. But from what I have seen, the father-daughter relationship is far more affectionate than the mother - son one. What makes the mother-son relationship so special is that by and large there is very little affection but such strong love - and that is why it is just so humble.

So I end the year with a blog dedicated to all the mothers of sons. I feel for you but above all I respect you for the continued sacrifices you make on a daily basis without ever expecting anything in return. The bond you share with your son will always be...........magical.



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