The Role Of Women

A very intelligent individual once told me, “you judge a society by the way it treats its women.” It is a statement that has remained close to my heart ever since. When I took over the responsibility of managing ESG in 1997, we had 3 women working in the office. Today as we celebrated International Women’s Day, there were a gathering of 68 women, and among them one of our General Managers, Medha Sukthankar.

I normally do not like to talk about specific individuals, but Medha is a shining example of what a woman is capable of achieving: a thorough professional, a supportive wife and an able and loving mother. I have seen Medha perform all 3 roles very successfully and the sacrifices that she has made to reach to the top are an example for the 67 other women we have in our organization. When you look at Medha, you know that with dedication, determination and sacrifice, anything is possible.

As women have come into our organizations, I have done my very best to ensure that we create a respectful, courteous and tolerant environment for them to work in. Today we have in our boardroom the presence of a female participant and we have several examples of where the achievements of women have far surpassed those of their male counterparts. We have come a long way from those days in 1997. Perhaps I need to go back to that smart individual and tell her, “you not only judge a society, but even an organization by the way it treats its women.”

We cannot forget the initiatives of the Government of Dubai in promoting the role of women throughout our society. It is truly admirable how the city has promoted the role of women in corporations. I can assure all my colleagues that women are and always will be an integral part of the make up at Al Shirawi’s ESG. We have come a long way, but there is still work to be done. I want to take this opportunity to wish the 68 women at ESG the best of luck in charting their careers to the top.

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