The Burden Of Responsibility

I am blessed to come across many working professionals on a daily basis. Most lead a life at striving to fulfil their responsibilities on a daily basis. These responsibilities include trying to be a perfect child to their parents, a perfect spouse to their partner, a perfect sibling to their sisters and brothers and a perfect parent to their children. To add to these are the responsibilities at the work place. Faced with all these responsibilities, one cannot help but question, the purpose behind one taking on such a burden. The stress that I see on the faces of human beings on a daily basis does make one wonder: is this really worth it? I have an opinion on this and it’s quite simple: yes, it is worth it!

We go into work every day, wanting to grow our organizations, but more importantly wanting to fulfill our responsibilities. We return home only to be able to share our day with our loved ones either in person or using some form of technology. And through that sharing, we impart, possibly, the greatest gift that is given to us: the gift of knowledge. Through this transfer of knowledge to our loved ones, we make this world a better place. In wanting to fulfill our responsibilities, we become teachers without even knowing it.

We become nostalgic about our younger days in college when we had relatively little responsibility. That was because there was someone else that was fulfilling their responsibility in teaching us the ways of the world. We look at those with a carefree attitude and the ability to shirk off responsibility with envy. We possibily need to look at these individuals with pity. If we aspire to become like such individuals, how can we possibly move the world ahead? How can we leave the world a better place for our future generations?

I was recently asked how I deal with stress. It’s a question that I am often asked. When I return home in the evenings, I decide that it’s time to share what I have had the opportunity to learn during the day. And through this sharing, I bring smiles to those I deeply love. So the next time your personal responsibilities get the better of you, my advice is to look at the ‘stress’as a great opportunity to share an experience. It’s how I make it through my day. Problems are after all temporary; knowledge is permanent.

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