Family & Legacy

Mohan and his gracious wife Neelam have 3 sons - Sumeet, Navin and Kabir - who are actively engaged in the family business and look after the business units along with the Sons of Abdulla. All three are happily married, with children who are growing up in this wonderful business family as future partners in the growth of the Al Shirawi Group.

Intellect and achievement runs in the Valrani family as is evident from the fact that Mohan’s son, Navin graduated in 1993 from The Wharton School and also holds an MBA from the London Business School, where he sits on the International Alumni Council.

The Business and Banking Community in UAE consider Mohan as a role model and as one of the most successful businessmen in the UAE. In the social clubs the general whisper is that if there was a special award for a businessman in the category of “the Best Man Manager”, Mohan would be the most deserving winner as he outclasses most of them in this particular aspect of Management.

As a testimonial to his hard work and thought leadership, Mohan felt that he “…wanted to leave a legacy behind, and found that opening the schools to give back to the Dubai community is the best way to do that because education is the solution to all the problems of the world,”

Therefore, Mohan planned the opening of four schools consisting of two primary and two secondary schools located in Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) and Al Furjan in Dubai.

Within the family, the transition of the Al Shirawi Group business to the second generation has been well underway. Mohan believes that “I am now very very confident that that the second generation are well prepared to deal with all the challenging environments that are likely to come their way. Each member has specific management responsibilities within our group and we have directed their education and training towards an active participation in the group. They have also learnt that it is important to build their own teams that they can rely on and are therefore supported by them. It should also be noted that as a company we only hire the best people and therefore, all of their support comes from the most competent professionals."

Philanthropy also binds the family together and whether it is the Rashid Paediatric Centre or guidance to the Indian High School, Mohan Valrani and his family all contribute their time and energy to giving back to the community

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