Mohan Valrani born on 30th September 1940, comes from the business family of Ghanshamdas Valrani. He displayed an amazing aptitude for finance and business at an early age.

After graduating, he moved to Hong Kong to work for his uncle and shortly after moved to Dubai to expand the business in the Middle East.


In Dubai, Mohan joined hands with one of the most prominent and influential Emirati businessmen -Abdulla Al Shirawi, to expand his uncle’s business in the Middle East. In subsequent years, Mohan became a partner in the business and this incredible partnership, was built on trust and faith and has remained strong for the past 50 years.


As a businessman, Mohan believed that every great idea needs to be seized in a moment otherwise the idea and the moment are both lost. He therefore, developed a “bottom line approach” in business management with quick decision making even on the most complex issues involving big investments. Over the years, Mohan had full support from his Senior Partner Abdulla Al Shirawi, and continued to expand business by seizing opportunities that were available in the Middle East. After five decades, the Al Shirawi Group has emerged as one of the largest Industrial Groups in the private sector in the U.A.E


Today the Al Shirawi Group , with its far reaching commitment to industrial development, boasts of more than 10,000 employees spread over 44 diversified large companies, some of them being in the highest league within the entire Middle East Region.


Large investments have been made in Printing, Fabrication, Plastics and Air-conditioning Industries, Logistics and now Education. One of the major levers that Mohan used to grow the business was the creation of new plant and industrial capability in hi-tech products and services through technical licensing arrangements and joint ventures. These investments have helped to bridge the technology gap in the Gulf Region - a unique milestone which very few business groups in the GCC region have been able to achieve.


Mohan’s dynamic style of management and particular emphasis on transparency, open book policies have made the Al Shirawi Group one of the most successful and the largest business conglomerates in the Arabian Gulf with Head Quarters in Dubai. The Al Shirawi Group, under his leadership, has grown from strength to strength and has been able to tide over the successive recessionary trends which Dubai has undergone in the last 5 decades, in particular 2008 and the current challenging environment prevailing in 2016.


Under the steer of Mohan Valrani, the Al Shirawi Group has achieved the distinct reputation of being one of the “most financially formidable entities“ even with the current economic slowdown. This recognition has been endorsed by a wide spectrum of business leaders across industry.


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