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Early Years

Mohan Valrani born on 30th September 1940, comes from the business family of Ghanshamdas Valrani. He displayed an amazing aptitude for finance and business at an early age. His friends recount his unique ability to grasp and manage difficult situations and take bold decisions with perfect ease, a feat which amazes his business colleagues even today. Business acumen runs in Mohan’s genes and therefore, early success for him in business did not come as a surprise.

Mohan did his early high school education in India, in the city of Baroda, where his family settled after the Partition of India. He graduated in Finance and Commerce from Baroda University. He spent much of his time during the holidays with his father in the ‘Cold Storage’ business where he had his first learnings of business. This ‘shop floor’ experience at a young age helped Mohan immensely in later years.


After graduating, Mohan moved to Hong Kong to join his uncle’s trading business which was flourishing in those days. His uncle wanted Mohan to look at expansion to other regions and Dubai seemed best suited to manage trading in the Middle Eastern markets. Mohan therefore, moved to Dubai in 1966 to explore opportunities and establish the business.

In Dubai, Mohan joined hands with one of the most prominent and influential Emirati businessmen -Abdulla Al Shirawi, to expand his uncle’s business in the Middle East. In subsequent years, Mohan became a partner in the business and this incredible partnership, was built on trust and faith and has remained strong for the past 50 years.

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