Arcadia HOUSE – placing educators and teaching staff at the forefront

Valrani’s primary focus for Arcadia schools is that of staffing – his teachers to be precise, their importance and how they will be accommodated, nurtured and developed.

“Teachers in Finland, Hong Kong and Singapore are considered a national asset, why are they not here?”

Arcadia House that has been built as staff and teaching accommodation is a “First” of its kind in the region. Mohan Valrani is quick to realize that “It’s very difficult to hire committed teachers…I know competence can be always be sourced…but commitment is something you have to make…you can only have committed teachers when you treat them with dignity. Ninety percent of the success of any school is down to the teachers.”

Mohan Valrani has witnessed this approach to teaching and educators bear fruit with his work at the Indian High School where he “….. focused on teachers and they made it happen. We made sure that they were well taken care of and in turn, they took good care of the school…I want to create the same thing in 

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