"Education in all forms is a never ending investment we all need to consider regardless of our means or age "


"I founded Arcadia, after a lifetime in business in Dubai because I believe that private enterprise in the field of education holds an important key to the future of this country...."


More and more foreign families are settling here and making their long-term plans for the future here; it is no longer the transient society of 50 years ago, when I first arrived...


"Money is important to business however, both how you make it and how you use it matters just as much..."

Mohan Valrani born on 30th September 1940, comes from the business family of Ghanshamdas Valrani. He displayed amazing aptitude for finance and business at an early age...


"I want others to improve their lives and their prosperity. Helping people to help themselves is a very rewarding way to spend ones's time..."

Mohan is a Rotarian and is also associated with many charitable organizations both in UAE and several other countries in the world. He feels that a time comes in the life of a businessman to give back to humanity whatever is possible...

With Family at RPC 2019

Birthday celebration at RPC 2019

With Dr. Abdul Kalam

With Family at RPC 2019